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About BEDC

Our mission is to enhance the economy of the City of Belton by assisting primary industry expand or locate into the community, thereby creating new job opportunities.

The Belton Economic Development Corporation was created in 1990 after the Belton citizens voted in favor to adopt the state's 4A Sales Tax Program; an initiative introduced and supported by the city council. Adequate projects for the BEDC are governed by State Law for 4A Corporations and by policies established by the board of directors as well as the Belton City Council.

The board of directors consists of five community business leaders appointed to three-year terms by the Belton City Council. Current board members include: Joe Shepperd, Griff Lord, Matt Wood, Brandon Bozon, and Stevie Spradley.

Board meetings are held monthly at our building located on 412 Central Avenue in Belton, Texas.

Each year the BEDC assists new companies interested in establishing operations in the City of Belton, encourages expansion of local companies, continues developing the Belton Business Park, and supports infrastructure projects in the community to spur growth.

In addition, the BEDC coordinates efforts with the McLennan Community College Small Business Development Center to provide necessary assistance to access funds from the Small Business Administration.

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