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Existing Business

The Belton Economic Development Corporation is committed to supporting the expansion of Belton companies by implementing a variety of initiatives under a business expansion and retention program. The objective is to reach out and cultivate relationships, develop a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the local companies in the community, and implement strategic efforts to facilitate business growth.

  • Industry Roundtable Meetings
    Offering presentations on topics of concern to industries over lunch, also allowing and encouraging networking amongst company representatives.
  • Industry Trainings
    Offering training opportunities which support local companies with the growth and expansion of their human capital. We partner with Temple College/Division of Business and Community Education for the design of customized training workshops offered in Belton at competitive rates.
  • Available incentives
    Offering cash or land grant incentives to new or existing companies creating primary jobs (*), based on the project’s capital investment and job creation.  
  • Belton InVested Program (Matching grants)
    Supporting growth of existing Belton industries creating and retaining primary jobs (*) in Belton. This annually funded matching grant program offers funds to offset the cost of additional new capital investment (tangible personal or real estate property improvements) incurred by the operation.

In addition, Belton EDC staff, in conjunction with the McLennan Community College Small Business Development Center, coordinates efforts to provide necessary assistance for business startups and access to the Small Business Administration programs.

(*) Primary Jobs: Are created by industries dedicated primarily to manufacturing, distribution, research and development, corporate headquarters and telephone call centers as stipulated by the Sales Tax Program under the Development Corporation Act of 1979 and governed by Chapter 504 of the local Government Code (Type A).

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