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Retail Development

Expansion and Development

Belton is committed to the promotion of quality development as well as to the expansion of its existing business base. City leaders encourage entrepreneurs, new businesses and support expansion of existing businesses by offering incentive programs that further the retail sector and downtown redevelopment. For more information on Tourism and Retail Development please contact Belton's CVB and Retail Coordinator Judy Garrett JGarrett@BeltonTexas.Gov  or 254-933-5849.

Retail Specific Incentives

Facade Improvement Grants
The City of Belton Facade Improvement Grant Program provides supplemental funds for exterior work on storefronts, commerical buildings, and commericial residential buildings that are visible to the traveling public in the Downtown Developement District. The grants are available on a 50/50 matching basis and typically capped at $10,000 per facade. Participating businesses, and in some situations, tenants, receive single payment reimbursements following the completion of an approved project.

Download: Facade Improvement Grant Program Packet

Tax Abatements in Belton's Downtown Development District 
Tax Abatements are available from the City of Belton and Bell County for new improvements to real property.  The threshold requirement for this program is an investment in real property of at least $25,000, a $100,000 investment in personal property or the creation of a minimum of 5 jobs.  

Historical Tax Credits
Belton has designated the Downtown Belton Commercial Historic District.  As a result of this designation, income-producing buildings may be eligible for state and federal tax credits. Through the Texas Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program and the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentive Program, tax credits could be worth 45 percent of eligible rehabilitation costs.  Non-profits may only apply for the state historic tax credit program, worth 25 percent of eligible costs.  To determine if the building you are considering is eligible for this program, contact Judy Garrett.  For more information on the Texas Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program visit the Texas Historical Commission. 

Fee Waivers
The City has a professional, business friendly staff offering a one-stop process for permitting. The city can offer expedited permittin process and fee waivers in coordination with BEDC incentives. 

Infrastructure Cost Participation
Be sure to check out our property search features to identify the best location for you. There are plenty of locations available for businesses interested in starting up or expanding.

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