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Talented, Reliable

The Belton metro area offers a young, skilled and reliable labor pool with a tremendous supply of available talent for part-time and shift occupations. Nearby is Fort Hood, the largest United States Army training post, which has 500 separating and retiring soldiers each month providing area employers with a supply of highly trained workers with excellent work ethic. A report by the Fort Hood Region Veterans Inventory Initiative indicates that between 30% to 40% of those exiting the military have expressed a preference for remaining in the area.

The Workforce Solutions of Central Texas provides quality education, training, and labor market services to employers and job seekers in the region.

Regional Educational Attainment

Emsi Q3 2016 Data Set | www.economicmodeling.com

Emsi's educational attainment numbers are based on Emsi's demographic data and the American Community Survey. By combining these sources, Emsi interpolates for missing years and projects data at the county level. Educational attainment data cover only the population aged 25 years or more and indicate the highest level achieved.

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