Cost of Living

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Belton’s Low Cost of Living Provides a Great Quality of Life

Belton offers affordability, an important factor to consider when searching for a community to purchase a home or establish a business. Considering its cost of living, Belton is a great choice in comparison to its metro neighbors.

Overall Cost of Living Ratings
Austin: 9% More Expensive
Dallas: 12.27% More Expensive
Affordable Home Prices 

The biggest factor considered in a city’s cost of living is its housing cost. The cost of buying a home in Belton is drastically lower than the nearby Austin Metro, where the median home cost is more than double. In Belton, you’ll also take advantage of home prices much lower than Dallas and other major US markets. Belton residents also spend less time commuting, saving on fuel and other transportation-related costs.

Housing Index

Belton enjoys a housing index of 78.7 in 2021 compared to a much higher Dallas index at 92.9 and an astronomically higher Austin index at 159.6. Source of this data? This illustrates quality developments at competitive prices compared to major markets.

Median Home Cost

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