Target Sectors


The manufacturing industry is one of the largest sectors in Belton, with well over 1,200 primary jobs. The majority of Belton’s manufacturing companies are located in the industrial and business parks. Local manufactures produce a wide variety of goods ranging from metal products and machinery to roofing materials and manufactured homes.

Strategic Location

Belton’s strategic location at the crossroads of interstate IH-35 and IH-14 is a powerful asset for the manufacturing industry. This central location allows for the easy distribution of products and services in the Killeen-Temple-Ft Hood MSA and throughout markets in the Texas Triangle and across the country.

Business Parks

Belton has a variety of Industrial Parks with available lease space as well as property for sale. The staff at Belton EDC are happy to help do research to help your business find what would be the best fit/area for your company. Please reach out to the EDC staff for more help or information on the Industrial Parks in Belton. Below are the different companies located in each of the Business Parks in Belton.

Business Ready

BEDC works with city, county, and state entities to procure and provide competitive incentive packages to meet the individual needs of manufacturing companies looking to expand or relocate to Belton. BEDC also works closely with our regional workforce center and local colleges to assist with training needs.

What We Manufacture

Products manufactured in Belton include:

  • Fabricated metal products

  • Machinery and equipment

  • Steel foundry products

  • Fiberglass tubes/pipes and tanks

  • Corrugated cardboard packaging products 

  • Urethane and other foam product

  • Communication equipment repair

  • Additive manufacturing- plastic & metal parts/prototypes

  • Perishable prepared food

  • Asphalt shingles and coating materials

  • Manufactured homes 

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